low energy - sustainable - high spec - buildings

We design, build & deliver unique, high quality, low energy, sustainable buildings. If you want a different approach to your next building project then maybe we can help.  

We apply Passivhaus principals to volumetric modular construction.

We use 3D modelling, 3D printing and Sefaira energy analysis software to optimize the building design.

We incorporate smart home technologies enabling smartphone and tablet control. 

We build in UK factories and deliver our buildings to site 95% finished. 

 Here are some of our own ‘factory built’ projects:


 We do most of the ‘building’ in the factory. The ‘factory built’ approach has many advantages over traditional construction methods: no bad weather means no delays, 75% less construction waste, fixed costs – no need for contingencies and faster build times, put simply, it’s a smarter way to build.

View our time lapse construction of Schoolmasters over 4 months in the factory.


£3.43 per month

2 years in operation

kwh used  6867 = £988.58

kwh  FIT   5122 = £906.08

Period covered Nov 2012 – Oct 2014


We are pleased to announce that we are working with BLP Insurance who will provide 10 year structural warranties on all our buildings.


Schoolmasters now has it’s own website click the logo.