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Marywell/D4 Office – Aberdeen 

Designed to Passivhaus standards, this is the first new build structure (as far as we know) to be built using vacuum insulation panels. In fact we had to develop our own new product, the Structural Vacuum Panel to enable us to use vacuum panels in its structure.

Main Spec
WallsStructural Vacuum Panels
Floor & RoofStructurally Insulated Panels
Structural FrameGalvanised cold formed section + hot rolled columns
GlazingInternorm Fusion alumunium clad
External claddingRockwood Rockclad rainscreen
Breather membranesTyvek UV facade
MVHRGenvex GES Energy
Key Values
Overall wall thickness234mm
Overall wall u-value0.10 w/m2k
Airtightness0.42 m3(m2hr)
Total elec heating1800w
Solar PV2.94kw
MVHR recovery rate97%
Glazing u-value0.75 w/m2k
The office was completed in November 2012.  The draft Energy Performance Certificate gives the building an ‘A’ rating, with the carbon emissions at 8kg per m2 per year. According to Aberdeenshire Council, this is the 1st building to achieve a Gold sustainability rating.  A remote energy monitoring system has been installed so that we can monitor the actual energy usage over the next year. The table below shows the overall energy usage since the building was occupied. After 11 months the building energy costs are in credit.


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Energy Usage 2012 - 2013
Months in operation12
Total kw/h used3218
Total kw/h generated (FIT)2622
Total energy cost so far£3.91
Average energy bill per month£0.33