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Reduce insulation thickness by an incredible 88%

The Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) offers the lowest thermal conductance of any insulation material. It can be used in traditional brick construction and timber frame.


Introducing the Structural Vacuum Panel

THE PROBLEM: We wanted to build Passive modular buildings but with a maximum module width of 4 metres we could not have external walls that were 400mm thick so we needed to design our own ‘thin wall’ super insulation system. 


THE SOLUTION: We have developed the ‘Structural Vacuum Panel’ (SVP) this is an engineered hybrid timber panel that integrates vacuum insulation technology and can be used to construct walls, roofs and floors. Depending on the application the thinnest SVP is just 37mm thick and achieves a u-value of 0.16w/m2k. Thicker panels include additional PIR, a 125mm SVP has a u-value of 0.09w/m2k. Similar in appearance to a standard closed panel or SIP, however thermally its far superior. 


If you are designing a passive house then every square millimetre of usable floor area counts. By using the SVP you could increase the usable area by up to 15%.


Left pic shows a stack of SVPs ready to be installed







If you would like to use Structural Vacuum Panels or Vacuum Insulation Panels in your building project then please get in touch. 



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